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adjective mas·sive \ˈma-siv\

: very large and heavy

: large in amount or degree

: very severe

Full Definition of MASSIVE

:  forming or consisting of a large mass:
a :  bulky
b :  weighty, heavy <massive walls> <a massive volume>
c :  impressively large or ponderous
d :  having no regular form but not necessarily lacking crystalline structure <massive sandstone>
a :  large, solid, or heavy in structure <massive jaw>
b :  large in scope or degree <the feeling of frustration, of being ineffectual, is massive — David Halberstam>
c (1) :  large in comparison to what is typical <a massive dose of penicillin>
(2) :  being extensive and severe <massive hemorrhage> (3) :  imposing in excellence or grandeur <massive simplicity>
:  having mass <a massive boson>
mas·sive·ly adverb
mas·sive·ness noun

Examples of MASSIVE

  1. The fort had massive walls.
  2. stars more massive than the sun
  3. A massive effort will be required to clean up the debris.
  4. You can find a massive amount of information on the Internet.
  5. The stunt received massive publicity.
  6. a massive collection of baseball cards

Origin of MASSIVE

Middle English massiffe, from Anglo-French mascif, alteration of massiz, from Vulgar Latin *massicius, from Latin massa mass
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with MASSIVE

MASSIVENESS Defined for Kids


adjective mas·sive \ˈma-siv\

Definition of MASSIVE for Kids

:  very large, heavy, and solid <a massive ship>
Medical Dictionary


adjective mas·sive \ˈmas-iv\

Medical Definition of MASSIVE

:  large in comparison to what is typical—used especially of medical dosage or of an infective agent <a massive dose of penicillin>
:  being extensive and severe—used of a pathologic condition <a massive hemorrhage> <a massive collapse of a lung>


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