noun \ˈmär-tən\

: a small animal that is related to the weasel and has soft gray or brown fur

: the fur of a marten

plural marten or martens

Full Definition of MARTEN

:  any of several semiarboreal slender-bodied carnivorous mammals (genus Martes) of the weasel family that occur in the northern hemisphere
:  the fur or pelt of a marten

Origin of MARTEN

Middle English martryn, from Anglo-French martrine marten fur, from Old French martre marten, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English mearth marten
First Known Use: 13th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Stone marten (Martes foina).—Reinhard/Reiser—Bavaria-Verlag

Any of several forest-dwelling carnivore species (genus Martes, family Mustelidae). Species differ in size and colour, but they resemble weasels in general proportions, and their fur is valuable. Their total length is 20–40 in. (50–100 cm), and they may weigh 2–5 lb (1–2.5 kg) or more. Martens hunt alone, feeding on animals, fruit, and carrion. The fur of the American marten (M. americana) of northern North America is sometimes sold as sable. Other species include the pine, baum, or sweet marten (M. martes) of Europe and Central Asia and the yellow-throated marten, or honey dog (M. flavigula), named for its preference for sweet foods, of southern Asia. See also fisher; polecat.


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