noun \ˈma-nər\

: a large country house on a large piece of land

: the area or section of a city that a particular group of police officers are responsible for

Full Definition of MANOR

a :  the house or hall of an estate :  mansion
b :  a landed estate
a :  a unit of English rural territorial organization; especially :  such a unit in the Middle Ages consisting of an estate under a lord enjoying a variety of rights over land and tenants including the right to hold court
b :  a tract of land in North America occupied by tenants who pay a fixed rent in money or kind to the proprietor
ma·no·ri·al \mə-ˈnōr-ē-əl, -ˈnr-\ adjective
ma·no·ri·al·ism \-ə-ˌli-zəm\ noun
to the manor born
:  born into circumstances of wealth and privilege

Examples of MANOR

  1. <the old family manor has 117 rooms>

Origin of MANOR

Middle English maner, from Old French manoir, from manoir to sojourn, dwell, from Latin manēre — more at mansion
First Known Use: 14th century


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