noun mam·mal \ˈma-məl\

: a type of animal that feeds milk to its young and that usually has hair or fur covering most of its skin

Full Definition of MAMMAL

:  any of a class (Mammalia) of warm-blooded higher vertebrates (as placentals, marsupials, or monotremes) that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands, have the skin usually more or less covered with hair, and include humans
mam·ma·li·an \mə-ˈmā-lē-ən, ma-\ adjective or noun

Examples of MAMMAL

  1. Human beings, dogs, and cats are all mammals.

Origin of MAMMAL

New Latin Mammalia, from Late Latin, neuter plural of mammalis of the breast, from Latin mamma breast
First Known Use: 1826

Other Mammals Terms

dormouse, dugong, gibbon, grimalkin, sable, stoat, ungulate, vole
MAMMALS Defined for Kids


noun mam·mal \ˈma-məl\

Definition of MAMMAL for Kids

:  a warm-blooded animal (as a dog, mouse, bear, whale, or human being) with a backbone that feeds its young with milk produced by the mother and has skin usually more or less covered with hair
Medical Dictionary


noun mam·mal \ˈmam-əl\

Medical Definition of MAMMAL

:  any of the higher vertebrate animals comprising the class Mammalia
mam·ma·li·an \mə-ˈmā-lē-ən, ma-\ adjective or noun


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