adjective \mə-ˈli-shəs\

: having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person : having or showing malice

Full Definition of MALICIOUS

:  having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone :  given to, marked by, or arising from malice <malicious gossip>
ma·li·cious·ly adverb
ma·li·cious·ness noun

Examples of MALICIOUS

  1. a malicious distortion of the truth
  2. <the neighborhood chatterbox has again been spreading malicious gossip>
  3. … she is an inspired hater, and thrills to malicious descriptions of long-forgotten, nameless individuals whose bad luck it was to live near her, or to have met her socially. —Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times Book Review, 5 Nov. 2000


(see malice)
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Legal Terms

actionable, alienable, carceral, chattel, complicity, decedent, larceny, malfeasance, modus operandi


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