: the action or process of producing or making something

: something that causes someone to become better or more successful

makings : the people or things that are needed for making something

Full Definition of MAKING

:  the act or process of forming, causing, doing, or coming into being <spots problems in the making>
:  a process or means of advancement or success
:  something made; especially :  a quantity produced at one time :  batch
a :  potentiality —often used in plural <had the makings of a great artist>
b plural :  the material from which something is to be made; especially \usually ˈmā-kənz\ :  paper and tobacco for rolling cigarettes by hand

Examples of MAKING

  1. methods used in the making of wine
  2. <she has all the makings of an excellent leader, but she needs some experience first>

Origin of MAKING

Middle English, from Old English macung, from macian to make
First Known Use: 12th century

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