noun maid·en \ˈmā-dən\

: a young girl or woman who is not married

Full Definition of MAIDEN

:  an unmarried girl or woman :  maid
:  a former Scottish beheading device resembling the guillotine
:  a horse that has never won a race

Examples of MAIDEN

  1. a story about a courageous knight who rescues a fair maiden
  2. <a story about a beautiful maiden and her mysterious father>

Origin of MAIDEN

Middle English, from Old English mægden, mǣden, diminutive of mægeth; akin to Old High German magad maiden, Old Irish mug serf
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to MAIDEN

damsel, demoiselle, maid, girl, miss

Rhymes with MAIDEN



of a woman : not married

: coming before all others : first or earliest

Full Definition of MAIDEN

a (1) :  not married <a maiden aunt> (2) :  virgin
b of a female animal
(1) :  never yet mated (2) :  never having borne young
:  of, relating to, or befitting a maiden
:  first, earliest <a ship's maiden voyage> <the maiden flight of a spacecraft>

Examples of MAIDEN

  1. the maiden issue of a new magazine
  2. a politician giving his maiden speech in the Senate

First Known Use of MAIDEN

14th century

Rhymes with MAIDEN

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unmistakable, remarkable, or voluptuous
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