noun \ˈmā-gəs\
plural ma·gi \ˈmā-ˌjī, ˈma-\

Definition of MAGUS

a :  a member of a hereditary priestly class among the ancient Medes and Persians
b often capitalized :  one of the traditionally three wise men from the East paying homage to the infant Jesus

Examples of MAGUS

  1. <attributed the storms to a clash of wills between the two most powerful magi in the land>

Origin of MAGUS

Latin, from Greek magos — more at magic
First Known Use: 1555

Other Occult Terms

augury, censor, invocation, lucidity, metempsychosis, mojo, numinous, preternatural, weird, wraith

Rhymes with MAGUS


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Member of an ancient Persian clan specializing in cultic activities. The magi were a priestly caste during the Seleucid, Parthian, and Sasanian dynasties, and parts of the Avesta are probably derived from them. Their priesthood is believed to have served several religions, including Zoroastrianism. From the 1st century AD onward, the word magus in its Syriac form (magusai) was applied to magicians and soothsayers, chiefly from Babylonia. As long as the Persian empire lasted there was a distinction between the Persian magi, credited with profound religious knowledge, and the Babylonian magi, often considered outright imposters. See also Magi.


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