Magna Graecia

Mag·na Grae·cia

geographical name \ˌmag-nə-ˈgrē-shə\

Definition of MAGNA GRAECIA

the ancient Greek colonies in S Italian Peninsula including Tarentum, Sybaris, Crotona, Heraclea, & Neapolis

Magna Graecia

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Group of ancient Greek cities along the coast of southern Italy. Euboeans founded the first colonies, including Cumae, c. 750 BC, and subsequently Spartans settled at Tarentum (Taranto); Achaeans at Metapontum, Sybaris, and Croton; Locrians at Locri Epizephyrii; and Chalcidians at Rhegium (Reggio di Calabria). It was a busy commercial centre as well as the seat of the Pythagorean and Eleatic systems of philosophy. After the 5th century BC, most of the cities declined in importance.


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