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adjective ma·chine·like \mə-ˈshēn-ˌlīk\

Definition of machinelike

  1. :  resembling or suggesting a machine especially in regularity of action or stereotyped uniformity of product

Circa 1713

First Known Use of machinelike

circa 1713

Rhymes with machinelike

adultlike, and the like, berrylike, businesslike, cartoonlike, craftsmanlike, desertlike, down the pike, fatherlike, fingerlike, humanlike, hunger strike, ladylike, leatherlike, lemminglike, lionlike, look-alike, marlinespike, minibike, mirrorlike, motorbike, mountain bike, northern pike, nothing like, open mike, ostrichlike, phantomlike, powderlike, puppetlike, rubberlike, saucerlike, seamanlike, soundalike, spiderlike, sportsmanlike, statesmanlike, take a hike, thunderstrike, womanlike, workmanlike, zombielike

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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