biographical name \lī-ˈsi-pəs\

Definition of LYSIPPUS

4th cent. b.c. Greek sculptor


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Apoxyomenos, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze by Lysippus, c. …—Anderson—Alinari/Art Resource, New York

(flourished 4th century BC, Sicyon, Greece) Greek sculptor. He was famous for the new and slender proportions of his figures and for their lifelike naturalism. He reportedly made more than 1,500 works, most in bronze. None survive, but some copies may be reliably ascribed to him, including Apoxyomenos, a young athlete scraping oil from his skin. Another key work is the colossal Heracles at Sicyon. He made many portrait busts of Alexander the Great from boyhood on; it was said that Alexander would have no other sculptor portray him.

Variants of LYSIPPUS

Lysippus or Lysippos


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