adjective lu·di·crous \ˈlü-də-krəs\

: very foolish

Full Definition of LUDICROUS

:  amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
:  meriting derisive laughter or scorn as absurdly inept, false, or foolish
lu·di·crous·ly adverb
lu·di·crous·ness noun

Examples of LUDICROUS

  1. <the ludicrous sight of their teacher in a Halloween costume>
  2. <a ludicrous and easily detected attempt to forge his father's signature on a note to school>
  3. Some of this censorship is trivial, some is ludicrous, and some is breathtaking in its power to dumb down what children learn in school. —Diane Ravitch, The Language Police, 2003


Latin ludicrus, from ludus play, sport; perhaps akin to Greek loidoros abusive
First Known Use: 1712

Synonym Discussion of LUDICROUS

laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous, comic, comical mean provoking laughter or mirth. laughable applies to anything occasioning laughter <laughable attempts at skating>. ludicrous suggests absurdity that excites both laughter and scorn <a thriller with a ludicrous plot>. ridiculous suggests extreme absurdity, foolishness, or contemptibility <a ridiculous display of anger>. comic applies especially to what arouses thoughtful amusement <a comic character>. comical applies to what arouses spontaneous hilarity <a comical hat>.
LUDICROUSLY Defined for Kids


adjective lu·di·crous \ˈlü-də-krəs\

Definition of LUDICROUS for Kids

:  funny because of being ridiculous :  absurd <a ludicrous idea>
lu·di·crous·ly adverb


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