noun \ˈlas\

: a type of small insect that lives on the bodies of people or animals

: a bad or cruel person

Full Definition of LOUSE

plural lice \ˈlīs\
a :  any of various small wingless usually flattened insects (orders Anoplura and Mallophaga) parasitic on warm-blooded animals
b :  a small usually sluggish arthropod (as a biting louse) that lives on other animals or on plants and sucks their blood or juices
c :  any of several small arthropods (as a book louse) that are not parasitic
plural lous·es \ˈla-səz\ :  a contemptible person :  heel

Examples of LOUSE

  1. a problem with head lice
  2. Her ex-husband is a real louse.

Origin of LOUSE

Middle English lous, from Old English lūs; akin to Old High German lūs louse, Welsh llau lice
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to LOUSE

Other Invertebrates (Except Insects) Terms

anemone, cephalopod, quahog


verb \ˈlas, ˈlaz\

Definition of LOUSE

transitive verb
:  to remove lice from

First Known Use of LOUSE

14th century

Other Insect Terms

drone, entomology, gadfly, pismire, proboscis, vespine


noun \ˈlas\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural lice \ˈlīs\

Medical Definition of LOUSE

:  any of the small wingless usually flattened insects that are parasitic on warm-blooded animals and constitute the orders Anoplura and Mallophaga
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