adjective log·i·cal \ˈlä-ji-kəl\

: agreeing with the rules of logic : sensible or reasonable

: of or relating to the formal processes used in thinking and reasoning

Full Definition of LOGICAL

a (1) :  of, relating to, involving, or being in accordance with logic (2) :  skilled in logic
b :  formally true or valid :  analytic, deductive
:  capable of reasoning or of using reason in an orderly cogent fashion <a logical thinker>
log·i·cal·i·ty \ˌlä-jə-ˈka-lə-tē\ noun
log·i·cal·ly \ˈlä-ji-k(ə-)lē\ adverb
log·i·cal·ness \-kəl-nəs\ noun

Examples of LOGICAL

  1. Since she helped us before, it's logical to assume that she'll help us again.
  2. He seems to be a logical choice for the job.
  3. She wasn't able to give me a logical explanation for her behavior.

First Known Use of LOGICAL

15th century

Other Logic Terms

a posteriori, connotation, corollary, inference, mutually exclusive, paradox, postulate, syllogism
LOGICALNESS Defined for Kids


adjective log·i·cal \ˈlä-ji-kəl\

Definition of LOGICAL for Kids

:  according to a proper or reasonable way of thinking <a logical argument>
:  according to what is reasonably expected <the logical result>
log·i·cal·ly adverb


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