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noun lob·by \ˈlä-bē\

: a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building (such as a hotel or theater)

: an organized group of people who work together to influence government decisions that relate to a particular industry, issue, etc.

plural lobbies

Full Definition of LOBBY

:  a corridor or hall connected with a larger room or series of rooms and used as a passageway or waiting room: as
a :  an anteroom of a legislative chamber; especially :  one of two anterooms of a British parliamentary chamber to which members go to vote during a division
b :  a large hall serving as a foyer (as of a hotel or theater)
:  a group of persons engaged in lobbying especially as representatives of a particular interest group

Examples of LOBBY

  1. I'll meet you in the lobby after the show.
  2. The proposed new law is supported by the oil lobby.

Origin of LOBBY

Medieval Latin lobium gallery, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German louba porch
First Known Use: 1593

Other Architecture Terms

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth



: to try to influence government officials to make decisions for or against something

: to try to get something you want by talking to the people who make decisions


Full Definition of LOBBY

intransitive verb
:  to conduct activities aimed at influencing public officials and especially members of a legislative body on legislation
transitive verb
:  to promote (as a project) or secure the passage of (as legislation) by influencing public officials
:  to attempt to influence or sway (as a public official) toward a desired action
lob·by·er noun
lob·by·ism \-ˌi-zəm\ noun
lob·by·ist \-ist\ noun

Examples of LOBBY

  1. an organization that has been lobbying for reform of the tax laws
  2. The health-care industry has lobbied against the proposal.
  3. an organization that has been lobbying Congress for reform of the tax laws
  4. a player who has lobbied hard to be included in the team's starting lineup
  5. I lobbied our company for a new computer.

First Known Use of LOBBY


Rhymes with LOBBY

LOBBYISM Defined for Kids


noun lob·by \ˈlä-bē\
plural lobbies

Definition of LOBBY for Kids

:  a hall or entry especially when large enough to serve as a waiting room <a hotel lobby>


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