live oak


live oak

noun \ˈlīv-\

: a large type of oak tree that grows in the southern U.S.

Full Definition of LIVE OAK

:  any of several American evergreen oaks: as
a :  a medium-sized oak (Quercus virginiana) of southeastern North America often cultivated as a shelter and shade tree and noted for its extremely hard tough durable wood
b :  any of several oaks of the western United States with evergreen foliage and hard durable wood

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live oak

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several North American ornamental and timber trees in the red-oak group of the genus Quercus in the beech family. The southern live oak (Q. virginiana) is a massive (50 ft, or 15 m, tall), durable evergreen tree. The trunk divides near the ground into several limbs that extend horizontally as much as two to three times the height of the tree. The elliptical leaves are dark green and glossy above, whitish and hairy below. A valuable timber tree, the southern live oak is also planted as a shade and avenue tree in the southern U.S. The oldest trees are 200–300 years old.


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