noun \li-ˈmü-sin, ˈli-mə-ˌzēn, lē-mü-ˈzaⁿ\

Definition of LIMOUSIN

:  any of a French breed of medium-sized yellowish-red cattle bred especially for meat

Origin of LIMOUSIN

Limousin, France
First Known Use: 1920


geographical name \ˌlē-m-ˈzaⁿ\

Definition of LIMOUSIN

region & former province S cen France W of Auvergne Limoges


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Historical and government region, central France. Covering 6,541 sq mi (16,942 sq km), the modern administrative region of Limousin is roughly coextensive with the region when it held provincial status. The capital is Limoges. Originally inhabited by the ancient Gallic tribe of Lemovices, the region was conquered by Rome c. 50 BC. Under the Carolingians, it was part of Aquitaine. On Eleanor of Aquitaine's marriage to King Henry II of England in 1152, it passed to English control. Subsequently fought over by England and France, it was finally annexed to the French crown under the French king Henry IV.


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