noun \ˈli-gə-ˌchr, -chər, -ˌtr, -ˌtyr\

Definition of LIGATURE

a :  something that is used to bind; specifically :  a filament (as a thread) used in surgery
b :  something that unites or connects :  bond
:  the action of binding or tying
:  a compound note in mensural notation indicating a group of musical notes to be sung to one syllable
:  a printed or written character (as æ or ƒƒ) consisting of two or more letters or characters joined together

Examples of LIGATURE

  1. <the surgeon tied a ligature around the tube to keep it in place>
  2. <a common language is often the ligature that unites the people of a nation>

Origin of LIGATURE

Middle English, from Late Latin ligatura, from Latin ligatus, past participle of ligare to bind, tie; akin to Albanian lidh I tie
First Known Use: 14th century


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