noun \ˈli-gə-mənt\

: a tough piece of tissue in your body that holds bones together or keeps an organ in place

Full Definition of LIGAMENT

:  a tough fibrous band of tissue connecting the articular extremities of bones or supporting an organ in place
:  a connecting or unifying bond <the law of nations, the great ligament of mankind — Edmund Burke>
lig·a·men·tous \-ˈmen-təs\ adjective

Examples of LIGAMENT

  1. He sprained ligaments in his knee.

Origin of LIGAMENT

Middle English, from Medieval Latin & Latin; Medieval Latin ligamentum, from Latin, band, tie, from ligare
First Known Use: 14th century


noun \ˈlig-ə-mənt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of LIGAMENT

: a tough band of tissue that serves to connect the articular extremities of bones or to support or retain an organ in place and is usually composed of coarse bundles of dense white fibrous tissue parallel or closely interlaced, pliant, and flexible, but not extensible
: any of various folds or bands of pleura, peritoneum, or mesentery connecting parts or organs


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Tough fibrous band of connective tissue that supports internal organs and holds bones together properly in joints. It is composed of dense bundles of fibres and spindle-shaped cells (fibroblasts and fibrocytes), with little ground substance. White ligament is rich in sturdy, inelastic collagen fibres; yellow ligament is rich in tough elastic fibres, which allow more movement. See also tendon.


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