Lhasa apso

Lha·sa ap·so

noun, often capitalized A \ˈlä-sə-ˈäp-(ˌ)sō, ˈla-sə-ˈap-\
plural Lhasa apsos

Definition of LHASA APSO

:  any of a Tibetan breed of small dogs that have a dense coat of long hard straight hair, a heavy fall over the eyes, heavy whiskers and beard, and a well-feathered tail curled over the back —called also Lhasa

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Origin of LHASA APSO

Lhasa, Tibet + Tibetan (Lhasa dialect) ə̄bsɔɔ̀ (written Tibetan absog) small hairy dog, Lhasa apso
First Known Use: 1935

Lhasa apso

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Lhasa apso—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Breed of dog from Tibet. The Lhasa apso is hardy, intelligent, and watchful. Longer than it is tall, it stands 10–11 in. (25–28 cm) tall and weighs 13–15 lb (6–7 kg). It has a heavily haired tail that curls over its back and a long, profuse coat that covers its eyes. Its coat may be of various colours, but most breeders prefer golden-brown shades.


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