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noun lev·el \ˈle-vəl\

Simple Definition of level

  • : a specific height

  • : a part of a building that is at a specific height

  • : an amount of something

Full Definition of level

  1. 1 :  a device for establishing a horizontal line or plane by means of a bubble in a liquid that shows adjustment to the horizontal by movement to the center of a slightly bowed glass tube

  2. 2 :  a measurement of the difference of altitude of two points by means of a level

  3. 3 :  horizontal condition; especially :  equilibrium of a fluid marked by a horizontal surface of even altitude <water seeks its own level>

  4. 4 a :  an approximately horizontal line or surface taken as an index of altitude b :  a practically horizontal surface or area (as of land)

  5. 5 :  a position in a scale or rank (as of achievement, significance, or value) <funded at the national level> <the job appeals to me on many levels>

  6. 6 a :  a line or surface that cuts perpendicularly all plumb lines that it meets and hence would everywhere coincide with a surface of still water b :  the plane of the horizon or a line in it

  7. 7 :  a horizontal passage in a mine intended for regular working and transportation

  8. 8 :  a concentration of a constituent especially of a body fluid (as blood)

  9. 9 :  the magnitude of a quantity considered in relation to an arbitrary reference value; broadly :  magnitude, intensity <a high level of hostility>

on the level

Examples of level

  1. The pictures were hung on the wall at eye level.

  2. The pictures were hung at different levels.

  3. There was a high level of alcohol in his blood.

  4. a normal level of intelligence

  5. Prices have risen to a new level.

  6. She rose to the level of manager.

  7. She has reached a rare level of financial success.

  8. These problems affect people at all levels of society.

  9. Can this problem be dealt with at a national level or must it be addressed at an international level?

Origin of level

Middle English, plumb line, from Anglo-French livel, from Vulgar Latin *libellum, alteration of Latin libella, from diminutive of libra weight, balance

First Known Use: 14th century

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Rhymes with level



verb lev·el

Simple Definition of level

  • : to make (something) flat or level

  • : to knock (someone or something) down to the ground

  • : to point (a weapon) at someone

Full Definition of level

leveled or levelledlevel·ing or level·ling \ˈle-və-liŋ, ˈlev-liŋ\

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to make (a line or surface) horizontal :  make flat or level <level a field> <level off a house lot>

  3. 2 a :  to bring to a horizontal aiming position b :  aim, direct <leveled a charge of fraud>

  4. 3 :  to bring to a common level or plane :  equalize <love levels all ranks — W. S. Gilbert>

  5. 4 a :  to lay level with or as if with the ground :  raze b :  to knock down <leveled him with one punch>

  6. 5 :  to make (as color) even or uniform

  7. 6 :  to find the heights of different points in (a piece of land) especially with a surveyor's level

  8. intransitive verb
  9. 1 :  to attain or come to a level <the plane leveled off at 10,000 feet>

  10. 2 :  to aim a gun or other weapon horizontally

  11. 3 :  to bring persons or things to a level

  12. 4 :  to deal frankly and openly

Examples of level

  1. They will level the field.

  2. We need to level the garden before we plant anything.

  3. The earthquake leveled the city.

  4. He leveled his opponent with a right hook.

  5. The robber leveled a gun at his head.

  6. Several complaints have been leveled at the store.

  7. Criticism has been leveled against the government for not responding to this crisis.

15th Century

First Known Use of level

15th century



adjective lev·el

Simple Definition of level

  • : having a flat or even surface

  • : not going up or down

  • : having the same height as something else

Full Definition of level

  1. 1 a :  having no part higher than another :  conforming to the curvature of the liquid parts of the earth's surface b :  parallel with the plane of the horizon :  horizontal

  2. 2 a :  even or unvarying in height b :  equal in advantage, progression, or standing c :  proceeding monotonously or uneventfully d (1) :  steady, unwavering <gave him a level look> (2) :  calm, unexcited <spoke in level tones>

  3. 3 :  reasonable, balanced <arrive at a justly proportional and level judgment on this affair — Sir Winston Churchill>

  4. 4 :  distributed evenly <level stress>

  5. 5 :  being a surface perpendicular to all lines of force in a field of force :  equipotential

  6. 6 :  suited to a particular rank or plane of ability or achievement <top-level thinking>

  7. 7 :  of or relating to the spreading out of a cost or charge in even payments over a period of time

lev·el·ly play \ˈle-və(l)-lē\ adverb
lev·el·ness play \-vəl-nəs\ noun
level best
  1. :  very best

Examples of level

  1. We pitched the tent on level ground.

  2. an airplane in level flight

  3. Interest rates have remained level.

15th Century

First Known Use of level

15th century

Synonym Discussion of level

level, flat, plane, even, smooth mean having a surface without bends, curves, or irregularities. level applies to a horizontal surface that lies on a line parallel with the horizon <the vast prairies are nearly level>. flat applies to a surface devoid of noticeable curvatures, prominences, or depressions <the work surface must be flat>. plane applies to any real or imaginary flat surface in which a straight line between any two points on it lies wholly within that surface <the plane sides of a crystal>. even applies to a surface that is noticeably flat or level or to a line that is observably straight <trim the hedge so it is even>. smooth applies especially to a polished surface free of irregularities <a smooth skating rink>.

Medical Dictionary


noun lev·el \ˈlev-əl\

Medical Definition of level

  1. 1:  a characteristic and fairly uniform concentration of a constituent of the blood or other body fluid <a normal blood-sugar level>

  2. 2a:  a degree of ability or aptitude or measure of performanceb:  a grade of mental and emotional development or maturity <evidence as to levels of personality development (e.g., anal, oral)—G. P. Murdock>

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