noun \ˈle-jəs-ˌlā-ˌtr, -ˌlā-tər also ˌle-jəs-ˈlā-ˌtr\

: a person who makes laws : a member of a legislature

Full Definition of LEGISLATOR

:  one that makes laws especially for a political unit; especially :  a member of a legislative body
leg·is·la·to·ri·al \ˌle-jəs-lə-ˈtr-ē-əl\ adjective
leg·is·la·tor·ship \ˈle-jəs-ˌlā-tər-ˌship\ noun

Examples of LEGISLATOR

  1. Write to your state legislator.
  2. <the legislators met in an all-night session to hammer out the details of the bill>


Latin legis lator, literally, proposer of a law, from legis (genitive of lex law) + lator proposer, from ferre (past participle latus) to carry, propose — more at tolerate, bear
First Known Use: 1603


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