noun \ˈlēp-ˌfrg, -ˌfräg\

: a children's game in which one player bends down so that another player can leap over the back of the first player

Full Definition of LEAPFROG

:  a game in which one player bends down and is vaulted over by another player

First Known Use of LEAPFROG




: to move ahead of or beyond (someone or something) in a very quick and sudden way


Full Definition of LEAPFROG

intransitive verb
:  to leap or progress in or as if in leapfrog
transitive verb
:  to go ahead of (each other) in turn; specifically :  to advance (two military units) by keeping one unit in action while moving the other unit past it to a position farther in front
:  to evade by or as if by a bypass

Examples of LEAPFROG

  1. Skipping his last two years of high school, he leapfrogged his classmates and went to college.
  2. This year's technologies are leapfrogging last year's designs.

First Known Use of LEAPFROG



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