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lean on

Definition of lean on

  1. 1 :  to depend on (someone or something) for support <He leaned on his family during the crisis.>

  2. 2 informal :  to force or try to force (someone) to do something especially by making threats :  to put pressure on (someone) <They were leaning on the governor to pass the law.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to incline, deviate, or bend from a vertical position

    :  to cast one's weight to one side for support

    :  to rely for support or inspiration

  1. :  the act or an instance of leaning :  inclination

  1. :  lacking or deficient in flesh

    :  containing little or no fat

    :  lacking richness, sufficiency, or productiveness

  1. :  to make lean

  1. :  the part of meat that consists principally of lean muscle

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to proceed clumsily or ineffectually

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