adjective \ˈlak-sə-tiv\

Definition of LAXATIVE

:  having a tendency to loosen or relax; specifically :  producing bowel movements and relieving constipation

Origin of LAXATIVE

Middle English laxatif, from Medieval Latin laxativus, from Latin laxatus, past participle of laxare to loosen, from laxus
First Known Use: 14th century



medical : a medicine or food that makes it easier for solid waste to pass through the body

Full Definition of LAXATIVE

:  a usually mild laxative drug

Examples of LAXATIVE

  1. The doctor prescribed a laxative.

First Known Use of LAXATIVE

14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Substance that promotes defecation. These include irritants (stimulants) such as cascara sagrada and castor oil, bulk formers such as bran and psyllium, saline laxatives such as Epsom salts or milk of magnesia, glycerin, lubricants such as mineral oil and some vegetable oils, and stool softeners. A high-fibre diet is more important than laxatives in correcting simple intestinal constipation.


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