noun \ˈth\

: a machine in which a piece of wood or metal is held and turned while being shaped by a sharp tool

Full Definition of LATHE

:  a machine in which work is rotated about a horizontal axis and shaped by a fixed tool

Origin of LATHE

probably from Middle English lath supporting stand
First Known Use: 1611

Other Mechanical Engineering Terms

centrifuge, differential, flange, linchpin, pinion, plenum, ratchet, traction

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Definition of LATHE

transitive verb
:  to cut or shape with a lathe

First Known Use of LATHE

circa 1903

Other Handicraft Terms

biscuit, darn, tambour, wrought


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Machine tool that performs turning operations in which unwanted material is removed from a workpiece rotated against a cutting tool. Lathes are among the oldest and most important machine tools, used in France from 1569 and important in the Industrial Revolution in England, when they were adapted for metal cutting (see Henry Maudslay). Lathes (usually called engine lathes) today have a power-driven, variable-speed horizontal spindle to which the workholding device is attached. Operations include turning straight or tapered cylindrical shapes, grooves, shoulders, and screw threads and facing flat surfaces on the ends of cylindrical parts. Internal cylindrical operations include most of the common hole-machining operations, such as drilling, boring, reaming, counterboring, countersinking, and threading with a single-point tool or tap. See also boring machine.


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