noun \ˌla-rən-ˈjī-təs\

medical : a disease in which your throat and larynx become sore so that it is difficult to talk

Full Definition of LARYNGITIS

:  inflammation of the larynx
lar·yn·git·ic \-ˈji-tik\ adjective


New Latin
First Known Use: circa 1834


noun \ˌlar-ən-ˈjīt-əs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural lar·yn·git·i·des \-ˈjit-ə-ˌdēz\

Medical Definition of LARYNGITIS

: inflammation of the larynx


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Inflammation of the larynx, causing hoarseness. Simple laryngitis usually occurs with infections such as the common cold. Other causes include inhalation of irritants. The larynx's lining becomes swollen and secretes mucus. In chronic laryngitis, caused by excessive smoking, drinking, or vocal-cord use, the larynx is dry and has polyps. Other types are caused by diphtheria spreading from the upper throat, tuberculosis bacteria spreading from the lungs, and advanced syphilis. The last can produce severe scarring and permanent hoarseness.


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