noun \ˈlamp\

: a device that produces light

Full Definition of LAMP

a :  any of various devices for producing light or sometimes heat: as (1) :  a vessel with a wick for burning an inflammable liquid (as oil) to produce light (2) :  a glass bulb or tube that emits light produced by electricity (as an incandescent lightbulb or fluorescent lamp)
b :  a decorative appliance housing a lamp that is usually covered by a shade
:  a celestial body
:  a source of intellectual or spiritual illumination
:  eye 1a —usually used in plural

Examples of LAMP

  1. <I didn't realize it had gotten so dark in the room until my wife came in and turned on the lamp, momentarily blinding me.>

Origin of LAMP

Middle English, from Anglo-French lampe, from Latin lampas, from Greek, from lampein to shine; akin to Hittite lap- to burn
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with LAMP

LAMPS Defined for Kids


noun \ˈlamp\

Definition of LAMP for Kids

:  a device for producing light <a kerosene lamp> <an electric lamp>
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈlamp\

Medical Definition of LAMP

:  any of various devices for producing light or heat—see kromayer lamp, slit lamp
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