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adjective \ˈlām\

Simple Definition of lame

  • : having an injured leg or foot that makes walking difficult or painful

  • : not strong, good, or effective

  • : not smart or impressive

Full Definition of lame


  1. 1 a :  having a body part and especially a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement b :  marked by stiffness and soreness <a lame shoulder>

  2. 2 :  lacking needful or desirable substance :  weak, ineffectual <a lame excuse>

  3. 3 slang :  not being in the know :  square

  4. 4 a :  inferior <a lame school> b :  contemptible, nasty <lame racist jokes>

lame·ly adverb
lame·ness noun

Examples of lame

  1. The horse had gone lame, and it grew lamer.

  2. The accident left him lame for life.

  3. He offered a lame apology for his actions.

  4. She's nice, but her boyfriend is really lame.

Origin of lame

Middle English, from Old English lama; akin to Old High German lam lame, Lithuanian limti to break down

First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with lame




Definition of lame


  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to make lame :  cripple

  3. 2 :  to make weak or ineffective :  disable

Examples of lame

  1. <we were afraid that the horse would be lamed by its horrible fall>

14th Century

First Known Use of lame

14th century




Definition of lame


  1. :  a person who is not in the know :  square


First Known Use of lame




noun \ˈlām, ˈlam\

Definition of lame

  1. 1 :  a thin plate especially of metal :  lamina

  2. 2 plural :  small overlapping steel plates joined to slide on one another (as in medieval armor)

Origin of lame

Middle French, from Latin lamina

First Known Use: circa 1586


noun la·mé \lä-ˈmā, la-\

Simple Definition of lamé

  • : shiny cloth that contains silver or gold threads

Full Definition of lamé

  1. :  a brocaded clothing fabric made from any of various fibers combined with tinsel filling threads

Origin of lamé


First Known Use: 1922

Rhymes with lamé

abbé, affray, agley, airplay, airway, aisleway, all-day, allay, allée, Angers, Anhui, archway, array, ashtray, assay, astray, Augier, away, aweigh, backstay, ballet, base pay, bat ray, beignet, belay, beltway, benday, beret, betray, bewray, bidet, bikeway, birthday, Biscay, Bizet, blasé, bobstay, Bombay, Bossuet, bouchée, bouclé, boule, bouquet, Bourget, bourrée, breezeway, Bouvet, Broadway, buffet, byplay, byway, cachet, café, cahier, Cambay, Cathay, causeway, chaîné, chalet, chambray, chassé, child's play, ciré, cliché, congé, convey, co-pay, Corday, corvée, coudé, coupé, crawlway, crochet, croquet, crossway, cube, curé, cy pres, DA, daresay, D-day, death ray, decay, deejay, defray, delay, dengue, dismay, display, distrait, DJ, donnée, doomsday, doorway, dossier, downplay, dragée, driveway, duvet, Earl Grey, embay, épée, essay, estray, Ewe, fair play, fairway, Feuillet, field day, filé, filet, fillet, fireclay, fishway, flambé, flight pay, floodway, flyway, folkway, footway, foray, force play, forebay, foreplay, forestay, formée, forte, fouetté, foul play, Fouquet, four-way, fourchée, foyer, franglais, frappé, freeway, Friday, frieze, fumet, gainsay, Galway, gamay, gangway, gateway, gelée, give way, glacé, godet, gourmet, Green Bay, greenway, guideway, gunplay, hair spray, halfway, hallway, Hannay, harm's way, hatchway, headway, hearsay, Hebei, Hefei, heyday, highway, hold sway, homestay, hooray, horseplay, Hubei, in play, in re, inlay, inveigh, Islay, issei, jackstay, James Bay, jennet, jeté, Jetway, Jolliet, keyway, Kobe, koine, kouprey, laneway, lay day, leeway, lifeway, Lomé, Lord's day, lwei, lycée, M-day, maguey, mainstay, make hay, Malay, malgré, man-day, Mande, Manet, manqué, margay, massé, match play, maté, May Day, Medway, melee, meze, midday, midway, Midway, Millay, Millet, mislay, misplay, moiré, Monday, Monet, Mornay, name day, Niamey, nisei, noonday, Norway, nosegay, obey, OK, olé, ombré, one-way, osprey, Otway, outlay, outré, outstay, outweigh, oyez, PA, parfait, parkway, parlay, parquet, partway, passé, pâté, pathway, pavé, payday, pearl gray, per se, pince-nez, pipe clay, piqué, piquet, pith ray, PK, plié, plissé, pommée, Pompeii, portray, prepay, projet, pulque, puree, purvey, quale, Quesnay, raceway, Rahway, railway, rappee, red bay, relay, repay, replay, risqué, roadway, Roget, role-play, ropeway, rosé, rosebay, Roubaix, roué, routeway, runway, sachet, saint's day, Salé, sansei, sashay, sauté, screenplay, scrub jay, seaway, Shark Bay, shar-pei, shipway, short-day, sick bay, sick day, sick pay, sideway, skyway, slideway, slipway, sluiceway, soigné, soiree, someday, someway, soothsay, soufflé, speedway, spillway, squeeze play, stairway, sternway, stingray, straightway, strathspey, stroke play, subway, Sunday, survey, sweet bay, swordplay, tea tray, tempeh, thoughtway, thruway, Thursday, tideway, today, Tokay, tollway, Torbay, touché, toupee, trackway, tramway, Tuesday, Twelfth Day, two-way, unlay, unsay, valet, V-day, veejay, vide, visé, Vouvray, walkway, waylay, Wednesday, weekday, white way, windway, wood ray, wordplay, workday

Medical Dictionary


adjective \ˈlām\

Medical Definition of lame


  1. :  having a body part and especially a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement :  physically disabled

  2. lame·ly adverb
    lame·ness noun

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