noun \lə-ˈme-lə\
plural la·mel·lae \-ˈme-(ˌ)lē, -ˌlī\ also lamellas

Definition of LAMELLA

:  a thin flat scale, membrane, or layer: as
a :  one of the thin plates composing the gills of a bivalve mollusk
b :  a gill of a mushroom

Examples of LAMELLA

  1. <the gemstone's distinctive iridescence is caused by light passing from one lamella of crystal to another>

Origin of LAMELLA

New Latin, from Latin, diminutive of lamina thin plate
First Known Use: 1678

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noun \lə-ˈmel-ə\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural la·mel·lae \-ˈme-ˌlē, -ˌlī\ also lamellas

Medical Definition of LAMELLA

: an organ, process, or part resembling a plate: as a : one of the bony concentric layers surrounding the haversian canals in bone b (1) : one of the incremental layers of cementum laid down in a tooth (2) : a thin sheetlike organic structure in the enamel of a tooth extending inward from a surface crack
: a small medicated disk prepared from gelatin and glycerin for use especially in the eyes <lamellae of atropine>


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