noun \ˈlā-dē-ˌbəg\

: a type of small flying insect that has a round red back with dark spots

Full Definition of LADYBUG

:  any of numerous small nearly hemispherical often brightly colored often spotted beetles (family Coccinellidae) of temperate and tropical regions that usually feed both as larvae and adults on other insects (as aphids) —called also lady beetle, ladybird, ladybird beetle

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Origin of LADYBUG

Our Lady, the Virgin Mary
First Known Use: 1699


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of the approximately 5,000 widely distributed beetles of the family Coccinellidae. The name originated in the Middle Ages, when the beetle was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called “beetle of Our Lady.” Ladybugs are hemispheric and are usually 0.3–0.4 in. (8–10 mm) long. They have short legs and are usually brightly coloured with black, yellow, or reddish markings. Several generations are produced each summer. Ladybugs are often used to control such insect pests as aphids, scales, and mites, which they eat. Several species of ladybugs feed on plants.

Variants of LADYBUG

ladybug or ladybird beetle


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