noun \ˈlās-ˌwiŋ\

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:  any of various neuropterous insects (as genera Chrysopa and Hemerobius) having delicate lacelike wing venation, long antennae, and often brilliant eyes —called also lacewing fly

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Lacewing (Chrysopa)—A.E.Mc.R. Pearce/Bruce Coleman Ltd.

Any of numerous species of insects in the order Neuroptera, especially those in the green lacewing and brown lacewing families. The green lacewing has long, delicate antennae, a slender greenish body, golden- or copper-coloured eyes, and two pairs of veined wings. It is found worldwide and flies near grasses and shrubs. It is also known as a stinkfly because it emits a disagreeable odour. The larva, with prominent sucking mouthparts, drains body fluids from aphids and other soft-bodied insects. The brown lacewing resembles the green lacewing but is smaller and brown.


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