noun, often capitalized \ˌkn-də-ˈlē-nē, ˌkən-\

Definition of KUNDALINI

:  the yogic life force that is held to lie coiled at the base of the spine until it is aroused and sent to the head to trigger enlightenment


Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, from feminine of kuṇḍalin circular, coiled, from kuṇḍala ring
First Known Use: 1897


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In some tantric forms of Yoga, the cosmic energy believed to be within everyone. It is pictured as a coiled serpent lying at the base of the spine. Through a series of exercises involving posture, meditation, and breathing, a practitioner can force this energy up through the body to the top of the head. This brings about a sensation of bliss, as the ordinary self is dissolved into its eternal essence, atman.


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