geographical name \ˈkrä-ˌka, ˈkra-, ˈkrā-, -(ˌ)kō, Pol ˈkrä-ˌküf\\ˈkrä-ˌka\

Definition of KRAKÓW

city S Poland on the Vistula pop 748,356

Variants of KRAKÓW

Kra·ków or Cra·cow \ˈkrä-ˌka, ˈkra-, ˈkrā-, -(ˌ)kō, Pol ˈkrä-ˌküf\ or G Kra·kau \ˈkrä-ˌka\


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2005 est.: 757,430), southern Poland. Located on both sides of the upper Vistula River, it was the capital of a principality in 1138. After surviving a Mongol invasion in 1241, it was made the capital of a reunited Poland in 1320. Its importance diminished after the capital was moved to Warsaw in 1611. During the Partitions of Poland it came under Austrian rule. Returned to Poland in 1918, it was held by Germany during World War II. Rebuilt since the war, it is an industrial centre with a giant steelworks on the city's outskirts. Kraków is also a cultural centre. Its university was founded in 1364.

Variants of KRAKÓW

Kraków or Cracow


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