geographical name \ˈnä-səs\

Definition of KNOSSOS

ruined city of ancient Crete near N coast SE of modern Iráklion

Variants of KNOSSOS

Knos·sos or Cnos·sus or Gnos·sus \ˈnä-səs\

Rhymes with KNOSSOS


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ancient royal city, Crete. It was King Minos's capital and the centre of the Minoan civilization. Settled by migrants from Asia Minor in the 7th millennium BC, it gave rise to a sophisticated Bronze Age culture. Two great palaces were built in the Middle Minoan period, the second c. 1720 BC after an earthquake leveled the city. About 1580 BC Minoan culture began to extend to mainland Greece, where it greatly influenced the Mycenaean culture. After its palace was destroyed by fire c. 1400 BC, it was reduced to town status, and Aegean political focus shifted to Mycenae. Knossos was the site of the legendary labyrinth of Daedalus.


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