noun \ˈkləts\

: a person who often drops things, falls down, etc. : a clumsy person

Full Definition of KLUTZ

:  a clumsy person
klutz·i·ness \ˈklət-sē-nəs\ noun
klutzy \ˈklət-sē\ adjective

Examples of KLUTZ

  1. I'm a complete klutz on the dance floor.
  2. <how can she be such a klutz after studying ballet for so many years?>

Origin of KLUTZ

Yiddish klots, literally, wooden beam, from Middle High German kloz lumpy mass — more at clout
First Known Use: 1960

Related to KLUTZ

butterfingers, dub, looby, lubber, lummox, spaz [slang]


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