noun \ˈki-thə-rə\

Definition of KITHARA

:  an ancient Greek stringed instrument similar to but larger than the lyre and having a box-shaped resonator

Variants of KITHARA

kith·a·ra or cith·a·ra \ˈsi-, ˈki-\

Origin of KITHARA

Middle English cithara, from Latin, from Greek kithara
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Large lyre of Classical antiquity, the principal stringed instrument of the Greeks and later of the Romans. It had a box-shaped resonating body from which extended two parallel arms connected by a crossbar to which 3–12 strings were attached. It was held vertically and plucked with a plectrum; the left hand was used to stop and damp the strings. It was played by singers of the Greek epics, as well as by later professional accompanists and soloists.


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