noun \ˈkin-ˌship\

: the state of being related to the people in your family

: a feeling of being close or connected to other people

Full Definition of KINSHIP

:  the quality or state of being kin :  relationship

Examples of KINSHIP

  1. He feels a strong kinship with other survivors of the war.
  2. feelings of kinship between the team's players and their fans

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Other Anthropology Terms

ectomorph, ethnography, prehistory, yurt


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

System of social organization between people who are or are held to be biologically related or who are given the status of relatives by marriage, adoption, or other ritual. Kinship is the broad term for all the relationships that people are born into or create later in life that are considered binding in the eyes of society. Every person belongs to a family of orientation (e.g., mother, father, brothers, and sisters); many adults also belong to a family of procreation (which includes a spouse or spouses and children). Familial bonds of descent and marriage may be traced through a genealogy, a written or oral statement of the names of individuals and their kin relations to one another. Inheritance and succession (the transmission of power and position in society) usually follow kinship lines. See also exogamy and endogamy; incest.


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