verb \ˈki-bəts, kə-ˈbits\

: to talk to someone in a friendly and informal way

: to watch other people and make unwanted comments about what they are doing

Full Definition of KIBITZ

intransitive verb
:  to act as a kibitzer
:  to exchange comments :  chat
transitive verb
:  to observe as a kibitzer; especially :  to be a kibitzer at <kibitz a card game>

Variants of KIBITZ

ki·bitz also kib·bitz \ˈki-bəts, kə-ˈbits\

Examples of KIBITZ

  1. They sat around kibitzing about their children.
  2. My uncle likes to kibitz when I play poker with my cousins.
  3. He likes to kibitz our poker games.

Origin of KIBITZ

Yiddish kibetsn
First Known Use: 1927


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