Karakoram Range

Karakoram Range

geographical name


mountain system S cen Asia in N Kashmir & NW Tibet on Xinjiang Uygur border connecting the Himalayas with the Pamirs; westernmost system of the Himalayan complex — see k2

Karakoram Range

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Mountain system, south-central Asia. Extending 300 mi (480 km) from eastern Afghanistan to the Kashmir region, it is one of the highest mountain systems in the world; its loftiest peak is K2, at 28,251 ft (8,611 m), the world's second highest peak. Surrounded by other steep mountain ranges, the Karakorams are virtually inaccessible, although the completion of the Karakoram Highway in 1978 improved transportation in the region. Because of the harsh environment, the area is thinly populated.


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