noun \ˈjəŋ-kər\

: an old car, truck, etc., that is in very poor condition

Full Definition of JUNKER

:  something (as an automobile) of such age and condition as to be ready for scrapping

Examples of JUNKER

  1. I can't believe he's still driving that old junker.
  2. <they finally traded in their old junker for a nice new car>

Origin of JUNKER

1junk + 2-er
First Known Use: 1944

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noun \ˈyŋ-kər\

Definition of JUNKER

:  a member of the Prussian landed aristocracy
Jun·ker·dom \-kər-dəm\ noun
Jun·ker·ism \-kə-ˌri-zəm\ noun

Origin of JUNKER

German, from Old High German junchērro, literally, young lord
First Known Use: 1554


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