verb \ˈjəmp\

: to move your body upward from the ground and often forward, backward, or sideways through the air by pushing with your legs

: to cause your body to drop or fall down from something by pushing with your legs

: to move forward through the air and over (something)

Full Definition of JUMP

intransitive verb
a :  to spring into the air :  leap; especially :  to spring free from the ground or other base by the muscular action of feet and legs
b :  to move suddenly or involuntarily :  start
c :  to move over a position occupied by an opponent's piece in a board game often thereby capturing the piece
d :  to undergo a vertical or lateral displacement owing to improper alignment of the film on a projector mechanism
e :  to start out or forward :  begin —usually used with off <jump off to a big lead>
f :  to move energetically :  hustle
g :  to go from one sequence of instructions in a computer program to another
a :  to move haphazardly or irregularly :  shift abruptly <jumped from job to job>
b :  to change or abandon employment especially in violation of contract
c :  to rise suddenly in rank or status
d :  to undergo a sudden sharp change in value <prices jumped>
e :  to make a jump in bridge
f :  to make a hurried judgment <jump to conclusions>
g :  to show eagerness <jumped at the chance>
h :  to enter eagerly <jump on the bandwagon>
:  to make a sudden physical or verbal attack <jumped on him for his criticism>
:  to bustle with activity <the restaurant was jumping>
transitive verb
a :  to leap over <jump a hurdle>
b :  to move over (a piece) in a board game
c :  to act, move, or begin before (as a signal) <jump the green light>
d :  to leap aboard <jump a freight>
obsolete :  risk, hazard
a :  to escape from :  avoid
b :  to leave hastily or in violation of contract <jump town without paying their bills — Hamilton Basso>
c :  to depart from (a normal course) <jump the track>
a :  to make a sudden physical or verbal attack on
b :  to occupy illegally <jump a mining claim>
a (1) :  to cause to leap (2) :  to cause (game) to break cover :  start, flush
b :  to elevate in rank or status
c :  to raise (a bridge partner's bid) by more than one rank
d :  to increase suddenly and sharply
jump bail
:  to abscond after being released from prison on bail
jump ship
:  to leave the company of a ship without authority
:  to desert a cause or party especially abruptly
jump the gun
:  to start in a race before the starting signal
:  to act, move, or begin something before the proper time
jump the queue
British :  to advance directly to or as if to the head of a line
jump the shark
:  to undergo a significant change for the worse that marks the point at which a period of success ends (as for a TV series)

Examples of JUMP

  1. The circus lion jumped through the hoop.
  2. The fans were jumping up and down with excitement.
  3. Everyone was jumping for joy when we found out that we had won an award.
  4. The cat jumped down off the table.
  5. The runner jumped a hurdle.
  6. The car jumped the curb.
  7. Everyone jumped into the pool.
  8. He jumped into his truck and drove away.
  9. She jumped when she heard a loud knock late at night.
  10. She jumped to an early lead in the race.

Origin of JUMP

probably akin to Low German gumpen to jump
First Known Use: 1530



Definition of JUMP

:  exactly, pat

First Known Use of JUMP




: an act of jumping

: a sudden movement because of surprise or shock

: something to be jumped over

Full Definition of JUMP

a (1) :  an act of jumping :  leap (2) :  any of several sports competitions featuring a leap, spring, or bound (3) :  a leap in figure skating in which the skater leaves the ice with both feet and turns in the air (4) :  a space cleared or covered by a leap (5) :  an obstacle to be jumped over or from
b :  a sudden involuntary movement :  start
c :  a move made in a board game by jumping
d :  a transfer from one sequence of instructions in a computer program to a different sequence
obsolete :  venture
a (1) :  a sharp sudden increase (2) :  a bid in bridge of more tricks than are necessary to overcall the preceding bid — compare shift
b :  an abrupt change or transition
c (1) :  a quick short journey
(2) :  one in a series of moves from one place to another
d :  the portion of a published item (as a newspaper article or story) that comprises the continuation of an item that begins on a preceding page
:  an advantage at the start <getting the jump on the competition>
:  jazz music with a fast tempo

Examples of JUMP

  1. The horse took the first jump easily but balked at the second.
  2. <took a small jump forward to avoid stepping in the puddle>

First Known Use of JUMP

circa 1552

Other Publishing Terms

annotate, dreadful, emend, expurgate, factoid, lobster shift, redaction, referee


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