noun \ˈjā-ˌpeg\

: a type of computer file used for storing images; also : an image that is stored as this type of file

Full Definition of JPEG

:  a computer file format for the compression and storage of usually high-quality photographic digital images

Examples of JPEG

  1. Most of the pictures are JPEGs.

Origin of JPEG

Joint Photographic Experts Group
First Known Use: 1988


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Standard computer file format for storing graphic images in a compressed form for general use. JPEG images are compressed using a mathematical algorithm. A variety of encoding processes can be used, depending on whether the user's goal is the highest quality of image (lossless) or smallest file size (lossy). The JPEG and GIF formats are the most commonly used graphics formats on the Internet for lossy and lossless data compression, respectively.

Variants of JPEG

JPEG in full Joint Photographic Experts Group


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