geographical name \ˈjē-ˈlin\

Definition of JILIN

province NE China in E Manchuria Changchun area 72,201 square miles (187,723 square kilometers), pop 24,658,721
or formerly Yung·ki \ˈyŋ-ˈjē\ city NE China in E cen Jilin pop 1,036,858

Variants of JILIN

Ji·lin or Ki·rin \ˈkē-ˈrin\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Province (pop., 2002 est.: 26,990,000), northeastern China. It is bordered by Russia and North Korea, Heilongjiang and Liaoning provinces, and Inner Mongolia. With an area of 72,200 sq mi (187,000 sq km), it is China's most urbanized province; its capital is Changchun, and its second largest city is Jilin. Its major river is the Sungari (Songhua) River, a tributary of the Amur. It was made a province in 1907. Occupied by the Japanese army in 1931, it became part of the puppet state of Manchukuo (1932–45). Chinese communist forces seized the province from the Nationalists in 1948. Industrialization since the late 20th century has been rapid.

Variants of JILIN

Jilin or Chi-lin conventional Kirin


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