noun jaw·bone \ˈj-ˌbōn\

: the bone that forms the lower jaw

Full Definition of JAWBONE

:  jaw 1a; especially :  mandible

First Known Use of JAWBONE

15th century

Rhymes with JAWBONE

agon, aitchbone, alone, atone, backbone, Bastogne, bemoan, Big Stone, birthstone, Blackstone, bloodstone, bluestone, bondstone, Boulogne, breastbone, bridge loan, brimstone, brownstone, call loan, calzone, Capone, capstone, cell phone, cheekbone, chinbone, cogon, cologne, Cologne, colon, colón, Colón, condone, copestone, corn pone, curbstone, cyclone, daimon, dapsone, debone, depone, dethrone, dial tone, disown, Dordogne, downzone, dripstone, drop zone, drystone, earphone, earth tone, end zone, enthrone, estrone, fieldstone, firestone, Firestone, flagstone, flowstone, flyblown, footstone, freestone, free zone, full-blown, gallstone, gemstone, Gijón, goldstone, gravestone, greenstone, grindstone, hailstone, halftone, handblown, hard stone, headphone, headstone, hearthstone, high-flown, hip bone, homegrown, hormone, hornstone, impone, ingrown, inkstone, in stone, intone, jewel tone, keystone, León, leone, life zone, limestone, lodestone, long bone, Maidstone, milestone, millstone, moonstone, mudstone, nose cone, oilstone, orgone, ozone, pay phone, peptone, pinbone, pinecone, piñon, pipestone, postpone, potstone, propone, redbone, red zone, rhinestone, sandstone, shade-grown, shinbone, siltstone, snow cone, soapstone, splint bone, strike zone, T-bone, tailbone, thighbone, time zone, toadstone, tombstone, touchstone, touch-tone, tritone, trombone, turnstone, twelve-tone, two-tone, Tyrone, unknown, unthrone, war zone, well-known, whalebone, wheel-thrown, whetstone, windblown, wishbone, Yangon



Definition of JAWBONE

transitive verb
:  to speak forcefully and persuasively to <jawboned them into accepting the deal>
intransitive verb
:  to talk especially forcefully and persuasively <jawboning about the tax cuts>

First Known Use of JAWBONE

JAWBONE Defined for Kids


noun jaw·bone \ˈj-ˌbōn\

Definition of JAWBONE for Kids

:  jaw 1
Medical Dictionary


noun jaw·bone \ˈj-ˈbōn, -ˌbōn\

Medical Definition of JAWBONE

:  jaw 1; especially :  mandible


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