adjective \ˈjā-dəd\

: feeling or showing a lack of interest and excitement caused by having done or experienced too much of something

Full Definition of JADED

:  fatigued by overwork :  exhausted
:  made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by surfeit <jaded network viewers> <jaded voters>
jad·ed·ly adverb
jad·ed·ness noun

Examples of JADED

  1. He became jaded from years of work as a police officer.
  2. a public jaded by political scandals
  3. Oh, yes, mate, they're all jaded here now—their last gasps of innocence sucked out of them by Olympic pharaohs who at first played a blatant game of bait-and-switch with Games tickets, furtively putting aside vast quantities of the best seats to sell to fat cats at higher prices. —Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated, 11 Sep. 2000

Origin of JADED

(see 1jade)
First Known Use: 1600


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