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Ivory Coast

geographical name \ˌkōt-dē-ˈvwär\

Definition of Ivory Coast

  1. 1 region W Africa bordering on the Atlantic W of the Gold Coast

  2. 2 country W Africa including the Ivory Coast & its hinterland; a republic; formerly a territory of French West Africa; official ∗ Yamoussoukro, seat of government Abidjan area 124,503 square miles (322,463 square kilometers), pop 21,100,000

Ivorian play \(ˌ)ī-ˈvȯr-ē-ən\ adjective or noun
Ivory Coaster play \ˈkō-stər\ noun

Variants of ivory coast

or Côte d'Ivoire play \ˌkōt-dē-ˈvwär\

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