noun \ˈī-sə-ˌspin\

Definition of ISOSPIN

:  a quantum characteristic of a group of closely related subatomic particles (as a proton and a neutron) handled mathematically like ordinary spin with the possible orientations in a hypothetical space specifying the number of particles of differing electric charge comprising the group —called also isotopic spin

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Property characteristic of families of related subatomic particles differing mainly in the values of their electric charge. The families are known as isospin multiplets. The components of atomic nuclei, the neutron and the proton, form an isospin doublet since they differ only in electric charge and subsidiary properties. They are considered different versions of the same object, called a nucleon. The isospin of a nucleon has a value of .

Variants of ISOSPIN

isospin or isobaric spin or isotopic spin


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