noun \ˈī-rəs\

: the colored part of your eye

: a plant with long pointed leaves and large blue or yellow flowers

plural iris·es also iri·des \ˈī-rə-ˌdēz, ˈir-ə-\

Full Definition of IRIS

:  rainbow
[New Latin irid-, iris, from Greek]
a :  the opaque contractile diaphragm perforated by the pupil and forming the colored portion of the eye — see eye illustration
b :  iris diaphragm; also :  a similar device with a circular opening that can be varied in size
also plural iris [New Latin Irid-, Iris, genus name, from Latin] :  any of a large genus (Iris of the family Iridaceae, the iris family) of perennial herbaceous plants with linear usually basal leaves and large showy flowers

Illustration of IRIS

Origin of IRIS

Middle English, from Latin irid-, iris rainbow, iris plant, from Greek, rainbow, iris plant, iris of the eye — more at wire
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Seed Plant Terms

aubergine, box, bramble, briar, composite, perpetual, pulse, trefoil

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Definition of IRIS

transitive verb
:  to make iridescent

First Known Use of IRIS



noun \ˈī-rəs\

Definition of IRIS

:  the Greek goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods

Origin of IRIS

Latin, from Greek
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Mythology and Folklore Terms

elysian, fay, muse, nimbus, phoenix

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noun \ˈī-rəs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural iris·es or iri·des \ˈī-rə-ˌdēz, ˈir-ə-\

Medical Definition of IRIS

:  the opaque muscular contractile diaphragm that is suspended in the aqueous humor in front of the lens of the eye, is perforated by the pupil and is continuous peripherally with the ciliary body, has a deeply pigmented posterior surface which excludes the entrance of light except through the pupil and a colored anterior surface which determines the color of the eyes

Illustration of IRIS

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