noun \ˈi-nü-wət, -nyü-\

: a member of a group of native people of northern North America and Greenland

: the language of the Inuit people

Full Definition of INUIT

plural Inuit or Inuits also Innuit or Innuits
a (1) :  the Eskimo people of North America and Greenland
(2) :  the Eskimo people of Canada
b :  a member of such people
a :  eskimo 2
b :  the group of Eskimo dialects spoken from northwestern Canada to Greenland

Variants of INUIT

In·u·it also In·nu·it \ˈi-nü-wət, -nyü-\

Origin of INUIT

Inuit inuit, plural of inuk person
First Known Use: 1765


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